Computer Support, Basic to Advanced (stockton)

Do you have a Windows desktop or laptop computer?
If so for $10/hr. we can:
Computer Files Backup
Assistance with Computer Use
Set Up Wireless Connection
Install Printer Drivers
Install Software you own
Remove Viruses, Malware, Adware, and Spyware
Solve popups
Set up a couple free security software
Create a website
Make what you want ready for a print-ready pdf
Make newsletters, fliers
Show you email use or how to create an email account
Help set up or show you facebook use
Help set up your iTunes account
Help set up Firefox or Chrome if you don't like Internet Explorer
Install free software like Adobe Acrobat to make the computer function
Install Wubi if you'd like to experiment with trying another OS besides Windows
Show how to transfer your pictures to computer from phone or camera
Show how to use the CD drive to make backup or audio to play in your CD player
Show how to use Audacity to do basic audio editing
Computer Services